Things to carry out before and after treatment (Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Surgery)

Lipos Cosmetic Clinic

Why do you need cosmetic treatment?

To understand why someone needs cosmetic treatment, one should know what a cosmetic procedure/surgery is?

  • People get cosmetic surgery for many reasons. Some want to look younger and others seek to change a feature they’ve never liked. People want to look good and gain confidence. Some want to attract others attention. Aging gracefully doesn’t mean that you have to wear your wrinkles with pride, instead you can do whatever is necessary to stride in your older age with confidence. If you feel young and energetic inside, there is no shame in getting a tummy tuck, facelift or breast surgery to keep the body at the same level.
  • The decision is personal. One of the keys is to set realistic expectations.
  • People need to understand that by doing a cosmetic surgery/procedure, it won’t change their life. It won’t solve their personal problems or make you look like someone else. But it may give you greater self-confidence and add to their sense of well-being

So, why do you need a Cosmetic procedure/Surgery?

Social media, a big time has changed the way how people look and judge themselves. Youngsters in social media for example, in Facebook don’t want their pictures to be tagged if it’s taken in a bad angle or if it exposes their weak part. Affordability of younger generation is improved.  Also their parents want their young ones to look good and encourage them to a certain limit. In my experience, I have understood that in some way people, who have come and undergone cosmetic treatments, show one or more of these following positive traits in them.

  • Increased self esteem
  • It can alleviate mental illnesses
  • People have freedom of expression.
  • Being able to contribute positively to society.
  • Being able to live a normal life
  • Empowering to improve conditions of life e.g. get a job

The family, society and people at workplace, all treat their new outlook with respect.

What are the involved procedures?

Cosmetic surgery, even though being a super specialty, we offer solution from head to toe. It is the only specialty where we have unique patients, unique solutions and Challenging problems. Procedures can be surgical or nonsurgical depending on the needs and expectation of patients.

Hair restoration procedure

  • Hair transplants
  • Scalp PRP/mesotherapy
  • Scalp micropigmentation

Facial rejuvenations

  • Eyebrow restoration
  • Nose correction surgery- rhinoplasty
  • Facelift, Necklift
  • Facial contouring-implants/liposuction
  • Double chin correction
  • Eye bag correction
  • Fat transfer face- contouring/lift
  • Nonsurgical facial correction
    • Botox
    • Fillers
    • PRP
    • Mesotherapy
    • Fluid face lift

Body contouring

  • Liposuction– arms /abdomen/thighs/hips
  • Fat transfer- augmentation to breast /buttock
  • Implants– breast/buttock
  • Tummy tuck /lipoabdominoplasty/minituck
  • Arm/thigh lift
  • Brazilian butt lift


  • Hair reduction
  • Skin tightening
  • Spider veins correction
  • Skin resurfacing

Scar management

  • Acne scar
  • Burns /post traumatic scar
  • Cosmetic tattooing camouflage
  • Post cancer radiation scar

Post cancer procedures

  • Post cancer breast reconstruction
  • Nipple tattooing
  • Surgical/radiation scar management


Things to carry before and after treatment?


  • Decide what you want clearly- a clear goal post
  • Choose your right doctor – look for credentials, board certified in dermatology or plastic surgery.
  • Like any medical procedure, cosmetic procedure needs to be in clinic settings unlike in parlor or other setups.
  • If you are not hundred percent convinced about the procedure, it’s best to wait.
  • Plan surgery at your convenience as it’s not urgent
  • You will need plenty of rest
  • Sort your financials – real experience and expertise don’t come cheap, when it comes to your health, bargain hunting could end up hurting you.

Post procedure

  • Follow up schedule depending on procedure. Whether you are unhappy or happy, please go for follow up
  • Always remember that nothing is permanent. Even a surgical facelift lasts only for 7 years. The breast implants, which are available at a life time warranty, need to be examined every year and every 2-3 years scan has to be done. It is just like servicing your car. That is why we offer age management practice along with cosmetic surgery.

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