What is the one main reason people opt for Plastic surgery?

 People want to look good and gain confidence. They want to attract others attention.

Off late, do you find more youngsters eager to alter the way they look or is it the other way around, the patients are all the older generation?

Off late, it is definitely the younger generation who are eager to alter their appearance. Social media has been a major influence in changing the way people look and judge themselves. The youngsters on social media, for example in Facebook don’t want their pictures to be tagged if it is taken in a bad angle or if it exposes their weak features. Affordability for the younger generation has improved.  Also parents want their young ones to look good and encourage alteration to a certain limit.

The concept of Aging gracefully seems to have gone out the window- Agree? What are your thoughts on the same?

“Aging gracefully” means to grow older without undergoing any aesthetic procedure to help maintain one’s looks. This perspective is however an outdated thought. During the earlier days, plastic surgery was considered a taboo subject. Nowadays, it has gained wide acceptance mainly because people have realized the benefits. It not only helps a person look younger, but also boosts their confidence.

Aging gracefully does not mean that you have to wear your wrinkles with pride; instead you can do whatever is necessary to stride in your older age with confidence. If one feels young and energetic on the inside, there is no shame in getting a tummy tuck, facelift or breast surgery to keep the body same level.

Would you advice plastic surgery for someone who is fighting depression [related to their looks]?

There are many who get depressed when they think about the way they look. It is important to counsel them and find the real reason for their depression. If they have realistic expectations of the outcome of the cosmetic procedure, then yes, doing a cosmetic procedure for their needs will make them happier.

Have you had any patient come back saying their family treats them differently since they look younger?

Oh yes, the family, society and people at workplace all treat them with respect and a whole new outlook.

What kind of counselling do you offer children/teens that approach you for plastic surgery?

When children and teens approach for cosmetic procedure, they are usually accompanied by their parents. Most of the time, it is the parents who are concerned about the child rather than the child. It is important that the child knows what he or she is about to undergo and why because it is ultimately he or she who is going to live with it for their lifetime.  Therefore, it is a must for the parents to be a part of decision. If the condition is not very severe, we recommend the child come back after they turn 18 years of age. Also as they grow, it is difficult to predict how the current condition might change or transform. Every organ has takes different time for maturity, for eg. Ear growth reaches adult size by 7 years of age whereas breast by 21 years. So based on their concern, we advise. Therefore, it is usually advisable to follow the wait and watch policy.

Do you do any kind of psychiatric evaluation before signing up for the procedure?

Every client is evaluated thoroughly; a minimum of three pre-op consultations is done even before saying yes to procedure. During this process, we are able to understand the client’s expectations, whether they are absolutely clear on what they want and expect out of the procedure.

Is there a ratio break up between men and women who opt for plastic surgery as a way to beat aging?

The statistics in the US and UK quote that 90% are all women. It is pretty much the same what we see here too.

What are the top 4 things you would advise someone considering plastic surgery?

Decide what you want clearly- a clear goal post

Plan the surgery at your convenience as it is not emergency

You will need plenty of rest

Sort your financials

Does plastic surgery any require any kind of maintenance somewhere down the road or is it just a one-time affair?

Nothing is permanent. Even a surgical facelift lasts only for 7 years. The breast implants which are available with lifetime warranty needs to be examined every year and every 2-3 years scan has to be done. It is just like servicing your car that is why we offer age management practice along with cosmetic surgery.

What was the one reason you chose plastic surgery as your mainstream of career? Any particular incident/person that helped you made this decision?

Innovation and creativity are the main reasons why I chose this field of medicine. Every client is unique and each one’s expectations are different.

Is it safe to approach a doctor online and seek consultation for such sensitive issues?

It is always better to see a client in person than to see only the affected part. The color, texture, depth perception and angle are a very important part of examination. It is therefore better in 3-dimension rather than 2-dimension. Also every individual is different. Exchange of information can be done online but it is mandatory to see a patient prior to the procedure.

What would you tell parents who push their children to get corrective surgery done? Have you ever dissuaded anyone?

Yes, like I mentioned earlier, we believe that every child has to be a part of the decision making process. After all it is the child who has to live his/her life with the changes. Sometimes we see that when the child grows up with confidence he/she may not even opt for the procedure, and so if we had forced the child young we could have traumatized her mentally.

What is that one case you worked on that still lingers in your mind?

She was a young girl in twenties with a bad post burn scar in the neck and arm contracture. Just using laser- a technique called ‘scar expansion’ invented by Dr.Jeyaprakash, my boss, we expanded her scars over multiple sessions, with no long duration surgeries, no flaps, and no donor morbidity. She achieved a good neck definition, which relieved her of her functional disability, a good lip definition and improvement in scar color. Her arm contracture was released and for 15 years she wasn’t able to pick up stuff from top shelf; however she can now perform all activities independently. She was very happy that she is now gifted with good lips to kiss and is ready for the next stage of her life, a wedding.

Where do you see plastic surgery headed in India?

Plastic surgery shall definitely sky rocket. India is where UK was 10 years ago, so the market is booming with huge potential.


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